Angela (Jewelz Blu) is furious with her boyfriend, Brody (Tony Fontana), because she found out that he's been cheating on her. Brody claims that the cheating was a mistake, and that Angela is the only one for him. Angela doesn't believe him at all, since actions speak louder than words - and his action was CHEATING. But before they can argue any further, a vehicle pulls up in front of the house. Brody recognizes the vehicle, and goes outside alone to confront the driver.

The driver is one of Brody's troublesome relatives, Rick (Seth Gamble). Rick has a habit of seducing Brody's girlfriends, and since Rick heard about Brody cheating on Angela, it's clear that Rick is here to make a move on her. Brody tells Rick to leave, saying that Angela is the woman he hopes to spend the rest of his life with, so he doesn't want Rick going anywhere near her. But Rick is unconvinced, saying that if Angela is really 'the one' for Brody, then why did Brody cheat on her just like he cheated on all his past girlfriends? They continue to argue, but then Angela comes outside to see what's going on. This is her first time meeting Rick, so she asks who he is.

Brody quickly lies, claiming that Rick is a potential buyer interested in purchasing their old bed. Angela falls for it, and invites Rick to come inside so he can see the bed. Once they're all inside the house, Brody shows Rick the bed in order to keep up the pretense, but Rick starts to get flirty with Angela, which she finds flattering. Not wanting Rick to steal his girlfriend, Brody tries to convince Angela to leave so he can make the sale alone. But Rick cleverly says that Angela shares ownership of the bed, so she should be involved in the transaction. Brody is annoyed, which pleases Angela since she's still angry at him, so she agrees she should be here for the sale.

Rick says he wants to test the bed first, since it'll be getting a lot of action if he buys it. Angela understands his game and wants to get revenge on Brody, so she sits on the bed and invites Rick to join her. Rick and Angela lie down together on the bed, and then Angela does some sultry poses for Rick, so they can aggravate Brody even further. Brody finally snaps, demanding to know if Rick is going to buy the bed or not. Rick claims that Brody's hostility is getting in the way of testing the bed and completing the sale. Angela agrees, and kicks Brody out of the house... so she can have revenge-fueled sex with Rick.