Katie (Lulu Chu) has just lost her parents in a tragic accident so she moves in with an estranged family friend, Wanda (Dee Williams), and Wanda's husband Harold. Wanda's husband is apparently away on a business trip, so Katie doesn't have a chance to meet him when she arrives, but Wanda makes a point to inform Katie that Harold has a strict set of rules in his household. Katie finds this to be a bit overbearing, but she's thankful to have some refuge, so she takes it in stride.

Over the following weeks, however, Katie never manages to so much as catch a glimpse of Harold. He's always just leaving, or away on another business trip... But that doesn't mean that Katie doesn't actually feel his presence in other ways. What starts off as an innocent living arrangement becomes increasingly tense for Katie as Wanda puts more and more limitations on her freedom, all for the sake of Harold's 'house rules'.

Eventually, Katie surmises that Wanda must be trapped in an emotionally abusive marriage, which seems to be causing Wanda torrents of anguish and anxiety. Katie decides to confront Wanda about it, offering to let Wanda spank her as a way for Wanda to work through her demons... and ultimately free herself from Harold's shadow. Wanda and Katie end up having intense, energetic lesbian sex together, which thankfully seems to give Wanda a new perspective on her life. But the question is... what will Harold think about all this?