Clara (Eliza Eves) is wandering around the room, casually chatting with her friend, Lacey, about their upcoming graduation and Prom.Clara sighs and goes on to say that she's been accepted to the business school of her dreams, which Lacey excitedly congratulates herfor. Clara gloomily thanks her but admits that she doesn't know how she's going to support herself through school.

Lacey casually teases Clara about making a deal to give away her virginity. Clara is shocked but keeps it lighthearted until she hangs up.

After Clara hangs up, she laughs again to herself about the ridiculous suggestion, but trails off as a thoughtful expression crosses herface. Clara shakes her head and scolds herself, telling herself not to be so ridiculous. She is clearly fighting with herself. She talks toherself and tries to come up with other alternatives, such as finding a job at a local grocery store, but nothing seems to be enough.Finally, she looks down at herself for a few moments, running a hand lightly over her breasts and down her midriff. She looks conflictedbut also a bit curious.

Clara then goes online and lightheartedly asks her friends for some advice. Most of them think it's a joke but someone posts asuspicious link.

Clara is uncertain about clicking the link. She is hesitant, biting her lip for a few moments as she hovers over the link. She thenstraightens up and looks determined.

She clicks it.

Clara's eyes grow wide and dart back and forth, obviously reading everything she can. It seems as though she is getting lost in a darkworld. Her fingers tap frantically against the keyboard and the tension is high.

Hours later, Clara receives a text message telling her to call a number. She is apprehensive but makes the call. Someone picks up.


Later that day, Clara arrives outside of a sketchy building. She is hesitant to continue but does so, going through the front door.

Once inside, Clara is unnerved as she finds herself in a dungeon. An older man, Max (Seth Gamble) approaches and hungrily looks her upand down. He slowly walks around her, inspecting her like a piece of meat. Max starts to become possessive and lewd, but Clara standsher ground, which annoys Max.

Clara becomes more confident as she tells Max what she wants. Max is still annoyed at first but then gradually becomes intrigued byClara's growing fire. He finally agrees.

Clara has TRULY fallen down the rabbit hole...