Tara (Emma Jade) is expecting her boyfriend Steve to pick her up for prom, and is surprised when Steve's parent Mr. Nichols (Charles Dera) arrives at her door instead. Mr. Nichols says that Steve is running late, so he offered to pick up Tara. She accepts this explanation, and gets into Mr. Nichols' car. As Mr. Nichols drives, he says that he wants to take this time alone to get to know Tara better - especially since she's gotten more serious with Steve.

While they drive and talk, Mr. Nichols subtly finds ways to get into Tara's personal space. When Tara tries to downplay the seriousness of her and Steve's relationship, Mr. Nichols reveals that he knows they rented a hotel room for the night in order to have sex. Mr. Nichols inquires if Tara is 'taking precautions' to avoid getting pregnant. She confirms that she is, which pleases Mr. Nichols.

Mr. Nichols puts his hand on Tara's knee, and Tara mentions that she is nervous about him only using one hand to drive. Mr. Nichols stops the car in a secluded area so that they can chat more. Mr. Nichols insinuates that he'd like to have sex with Tara, slyly leveraging his approval of her against the success of her relationship with Steve. After some initial hesitation, Tara gives in, and they have sex inside and outside of the car.