SCENE OPENS on Steve (Seth Gamble) returning home when his wife, Pamela (Nicole Aria), calls him into the bedroom. She emotionally reveals that due to the recent unexpected death of a friend's baby, she is too scared to have one of their own. This totally blindsides Steve, who was excited at the prospect of starting their family. He tries to convince her to change her mind, but she won't budge.

Out of sorts, he leaves the house to clear his head. He drives around the neighborhood, trying to calm down, but eventually stops. He takes out his cellphone and makes a call to Pamela's sibling, Naomi (Alex Coal), and asks if he can stop by for a visit. She agrees.


Moments later, Steve is at Naomi's home and rings her doorbell. She answers, and after hearing how distressed he is, invites him inside to talk. Once they're comfortable, Steve recounts what happened between him and Pamela. He breaks down, expressing how much he wanted to raise a family with Pamela, and how sudden this has been.

Naomi is sympathetic, suddenly revealing that she too desperately wants to start a family, but hasn't been able to due to work and lack of relationships. Seth hears this and gets a VERY unconventional idea.

He offers to have sex with Naomi and impregnate her so that they can both raise the baby in secret. Naomi initially refuses, but is convinced when Steve mentions that Pamela NEVER needs to find out, crafting a scheme that is so bold and tempting, that Naomi finally gives in. She lets Steve fuck her, putting a plan in motion that may give them exactly what they've always wanted, but comes with the price of constant secrecy.