Suzie (Hazel Moore) is relaxing in her room when her parent, Alice (Jamie Michelle), comes into the room to talk to her. Alice explains that she will be going on a work retreat for two weeks, so she would like Suzie to stay with Kevin (John Strong), Alice's ex-husband and Suzie's stepfather. Suzie is very understanding but also a bit nervous since she hasn't seen her stepfather in a while, and wonders if he's going to be okay with having her around. Alice assures her that Kevin is very happy with the idea of Suzie staying at his place - Alice and Kevin's divorce was because of their incompatible personalities, and nothing to do with Suzie. Alice is sure they'll both have a good time.

A few days later, Kevin opens his front door for Suzie. They're both a bit awkward but also warm as they greet each other, and he takes her suitcase and invites her in. He tells her to make herself comfortable, and he'll take care of EVERYTHING. As Suzie walks past Kevin, he hungrily looks her up and down, but she doesn't notice.

A couple of days later, Suzie is relaxing on the couch when Kevin enters the room with two boutique bags. He apologizes, saying that he accidentally ruined all her clothes in the wash because he used too much bleach, BUT he bought a bunch of new clothes to make it up to her. Suzie sees that the new garments are very revealing, and hesitantly says those kinds of clothes aren't... really her style. Kevin acts bashful, apologizing and claiming that he asked the store clerk what girls her age might wear, and this is what she showed him. This makes Suzie feel bad for him, so she assures him it's the thought that counts, and tries on some of the clothes. Kevin praises how she looks in the new outfit, giving her a confidence boost. She says that maybe this kind of style isn't so bad after all. Kevin grins lustily, although Suzie doesn't notice.

Later that day, Kevin and Suzie decide to watch a movie together, but Suzie is surprised when Kevin suggests that she can sit on his lap. Suzie asks if she's a little old for that. Kevin looks crestfallen, saying he supposes she's right. It's just that he's missed out on so many special moments with her, and wanted to make up for lost time. Feeling bad for him, Suzie agrees to sit on his lap, not realizing that this is all part of his plan...