Alice (Paige Owens) is a shy, nerdy girl who is trying to put herself out there a bit more. When she's invited to a pool party by a popular girl named Lexi, she thinks that this is the perfect chance.

When she arrives, she feels incredibly out of place as Lexi and the others greet her. It quickly becomes apparent that she's only there for the partygoers to bully. She's at a loss of what to do but finally decides to get out of there before things get worse, although it's already too late. Before she can escape, one of the bullies pushes her into the pool as they all stand around and jeer.

As Alice hauls herself out of the water, a sobbing mess, the party is broken up by Lexi's dad, Raymond (Tommy Pistol). Raymond is furious at his daughter and sends everyone home. He helps Alice inside to get a warm change of clothes, disappointed with Lexi's actions, although it's not entirely unexpected.

Alice learns that Raymond isn't a happy family man. He doesn't get along with Lexi, who is just as awful as her mother. No, he likes girls like Alice... Smart, sweet, innocent girls.

Alice becomes uncomfortable when Raymond starts buttering her up, acting as though he KNOWS her, though he claims it's because he used to be like her -- or at least more like her than Lexi. He thinks Alice is perfect the way she is and that she shouldn't try to be something she's not. She doesn't need to be like Lexi. In fact, it'd be a whole lot better if she wasn't.

Alice starts to fall under Raymond's spell, though tries to resist. It sounds like he's trying to get with her and he's still a married man! Plus she's a virgin... But Raymond insists that none of this matters. Besides, she should lose her virginity to a more experienced man that can take good CARE of her... Someone like HIM. Doesn't that sound nice?

Alice is tempted, wanting to be the center of attention for once because of something positive, but she already took one chance today that didn't pay off... Will THIS time be different?