Georgia (Lola Fae) is with her bedridden parent, Ellen (Lilly James), when Trevor (Seth Gamble), Ellen's boyfriend, returns home. Unfortunately, the moment he walks in through the door and sees Ellen in bed, tensions run high.

As Trevor gets into a heated argument with Georgia, who is defending Ellen, it's revealed that Ellen has been dealing with ongoing health issues. It seemed like she was on the mend but, after having a few good days, she's back in bed. Because of this, Trevor is frustrated, especially since this is a new relationship and Ellen has been sick for most of it since moving in with him.

Finally, Trevor snaps and tells Georgia and Ellen that he's had enough and wants them out of his house. When he storms out, Georgia and Ellen are both shocked, though Ellen tries to reassure Georgia that everything will be fine. Georgia tries to comfort her in return, saying she's going to speak to Trevor and apologize for getting mad at him.

When Georgia leaves the bedroom and meets up with Trevor, tensions are still high as they get into a conversation. But this time, Trevor admits to feeling like he's putting his all into the relationship and getting nothing back. He even accidentally let slip that he's feeling sexually frustrated as well since he certainly hasn't been getting any from Ellen lately. That's when Georgia gets an idea.

Georgia swallows her pride and comes onto Trevor, casually offering to be the one to satisfy Trevor's physical needs, as long as he lets them stay. Although Trevor is shocked, the more Georgia comes onto him, the more tempting the offer is. Once Georgia promises that Ellen will never find out, Trevor decides to finally let himself be the one taken care of.