Anne (Natasha Nice) is at the cafe with her friend, Claudia (London River). It's been awhile since they've had a chance to catch up and they both easily chat, including lamenting about how much they both hate messy houses. But when they get on the topic of a favorite television show and come to a disagreement, they make a bet with each other. To make things more interesting, whoever loses has to clean the other's house for a week. Unfortunately for Anne, she's the loser, and they make plans for her to clean Claudia's house the next day.

But little does Anne know, this seemingly innocent bet is about to change her life forever.

When Anne shows up at Claudia's house, she's greeted by both Claudia and her husband, Mitch (Seth Gamble). True to her word, she begins cleaning the house while Claudia and Mitch watch her. At first, it's a bit awkward for Anne, but the thought of having other people watching her while she serves them oddly titillates her, sparking something new inside. This spark and curiosity only intensifies when, over the week, Mitch begins getting flirty with her as well when Claudia isn't around...

Feeling a bit guilty and concerned for Claudia, Anne goes to her and admits that Mitch's been eyeing her. But instead of being upset, Claudia is more concerned for Anne. Anne is a bit conflicted as she admits that she was a bit turned on by the attention, even though he's married to Claudia.

Claudia is still calm and unbothered, though begins sneaking Anne flirty looks of her own. She admits that the couple has actually been enjoying having her around to clean and has a kinky idea: what if Anne cleaned for them NAKED?

Anne is shocked by the suggestion, which is FAR out of her comfort zone AND something she never expected her friend to say. But Claudia doesn't press her, encouraging her to think about it as Anne leaves for the day.

While Anne takes some time to think about it, the exciting feelings that have been stirred up just won't go away... But will she stop this nonsense now or give into temptation and explore a new side of her that she's never known?